A lot is written in history books about the life in this part of Latvia. The original manor house was built on this land in the middle of 18th century, overtime the manor grew in size to what you see here today. The Annas Manor was given to the Wilhelm von Fermor family, which was related to Russia at that time, as a gift by the Russian Empress Elizabeth. The painting that represents the landlady of Annas Manor between 1764 and 1778 is one of the best known paintings by Russian artist Ivan Vishnakov, which now hangs in the National Museum of St Petersburg.
At the end of the 18th century Annas Manor became the property of Tranze family; one of the wealthiest and most influential families in Eastern part of Latvia during the 19th century.
The manor has had a very aristocratic atmosphere until the start of 20th century. And today Annas manor still allows you to experience and enjoy the sense of elegance and luxury.
The garden and the original wall of the manor were designed at the beginning of 19th century; however, the beautiful Forest Park is a latter addition to the manor house. The garden of Annas manor has stunning views over the lake. It is made in typical long view style of Renaissance garden as well as in baroque tradition, where linden trees are planted on both sides of the passageway. The original barn was rebuilt to a People’s house, later converted to recreation center. The building was fully renovated in 2009 to high standard hotel.
Because of the relief made by nature, the roads have not changed much during the last three centuries. The roads guide you up towards the hill, opening the view stone ruins of the ancient Manor and new renovated hotel. Here you can enjoy the amenities of the modern world and feel the fascination of Anna’s ancient landscape in the same time.
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